Matthew Johnson

Matthew was born and raised in Connecticut, where he received his degree in English from Eastern Connecticut State University. Matthew worked for Big Y Supermarkets and Fed-Ex in a multitude of roles before moving to South Carolina in 2012. He has held several positions at Laudisi, including time in our shipping department and distribution group, as well as organizing the move to our new building in 2014.

Matthew's current role as Cornell & Diehl Director fits in well to his experience and skill sets, managing the C&D staff and ensuring everything is accounted for and runs smoothly. When not wrangling a myriad of projects for Laudisi, Matthew enjoys baseball, gardening, alternative rock, cult television shows and reading anything he can get his hands on. Weekends will find him working in the yard or watching a movie.

Jeremy Reeves
Head Blender

A pipe smoker for over a decade, Jeremy is as passionate about pipes, pipe tobacco, and blending tobacco as a man can be. His experience as a tobacco shop manager, as well as a wood-fire pizza chef, give him unique insight into running a boutique blending operation like Cornell & Diehl. When he isn't running the factory he enjoys the outdoors, particularly camping and hiking. He's an "adventurous eater," and has an expressed love for trying new things and attempting to recreate them in his kitchen at home, which is another reason he's such a great fit at C&D. Born in Portales, New Mexico, Jeremy is a bit of a rolling stone. He has called Chicago, Denver, Cleveland, and Portland home, before moving to South Carolina, where we hope he will stay.

Aaron Wilson
Assistant Manager

A proud native of the bluegrass state, Aaron was thrilled to follow his hobby of pipe smoking down south to the legendary blending tables of Cornell & Diehl. Though all of our guys and gals are cross-trained to lend a hand wherever needed, Aaron is our Assistant Manager and blending lead. He's responsible for overseeing the meticulous process of taking our various kinds of processed tobacco and combining them in very specific ratios to ultimately transform them into your favorite boutique blends. When not looking excessively jolly in photos or leaning on Perique barrels, he takes pleasure in watching movies with his wife, Rachel, lifting heavy things, hiking up mountains, playing music, and, of course, oiling his beard. Aaron is currently finishing up a Bachelor of Arts in Bible, so the writings of C.S. Lewis and a leather-bound Greek New Testament sport the most worn covers on his bookshelf. While learning to like sunsets and long walks on the beach, he also enjoys chamber music and ten-pin bowling.

Crystal Harrelson
Facilities Coordinator

Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, Crystal came to South Carolina a while back, and is currently our Facilities Coordinator at Cornell & Diehl. Using her past experience in inventory coordination and receiving, Crystal ensures our shelves are always stocked, schedules preventative maintenance, and assists with various administrative duties to keep things running smoothly at all times. A consummate DIY-er, when she's not at work, you can find her hand-making household supplies (including homemade dog food for her three pooches) or maybe relaxing with a bit of a gardening and a gourmet, from-scratch dinner.

Robert Murphy
Production Specialist

Another West Coast transplant, Robert Murphy was born and raised in Simi Valley, CA. Looking for a change, he moved across the country with his fiancee Tina to her hometown of Little River, South Carolina. He's the proud father and soon-to-be stepfather of four beautiful children and couldn't wait to be among his bearded brethren here at C&D, where we'll tell you, he's fit right in since day one.

He was the lead singer for three different heavy metal bands back in California and a martial artist in multiple styles for six years. When he's not handling, moving, stripping, cutting, or treating the whole-leaf and semi-thrashed tobacco we use to make your favorite blends as our Raw Processing Lead, you can find him lending a hand in other areas of production. As if he doesn't get his hands dirty enough at work, Robert enjoys riding four-wheelers through the swampy forest with his fiancee, or watching scary movies with his family.

Dan Rice
Junior Production Specialist

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Daniel relocated to Longs recently, and we're pleased to have him join us on C&D's production team. Whether it's transporting, drying, mixing, or tinning, Daniel is on the front lines of making sure your favorite blends get made and are up to standards every single time. When not working, you'll find him hiking and camping with his German Shepherd, or enjoying some Star Trek marathons at home. An avid traveler, his favorite place to visit is the Arcadian National Park in Maine.

Bretton Otto
Production Assistant

Bretton, or just "B," came to Myrtle Beach by way of Maryland, and has since married the love of his life. A relaxed, pleasant, and goofy person to be around, he still takes his work seriously as he spends his days drying, mixing, and crafting all of your favorite Cornell & Diehl blends. Outside of work, you'll find him tinkering with whatever needs fixing, flying stunt kites, and pretending to be a tourist in the Myrtle Beach area — assuming he and his wife haven't set off camping.

Matthew Benton
Production Assistant

As one of our Production Assistants, Matthew is directly involved in creating C&D's quality tobacco blends, from sorting raw leaf to operating the factory's vintage equipment, always ensuring every mixture is exactly what it's supposed to be. When he's not playing with tobacco for a living, Matthew enjoys whipping up some good old-fashioned BBQ in his slow smoker or keeping up with his favorite baseball and football teams. His taste in music is eclectic (as long as it's not Country), though his preferred films always seem to star Will Ferrell — Elf is the GOAT and you can't convince him otherwise.

Ivy Hemingway
Production Associate

Ivy is a North Myrtle Beach native and has lived in the area all her life. As one of our Production Associates, she works with the rest of the team to make the magic happen — tinning, labeling, and readying your favorite blends. When she's not at work Ivy enjoys traveling and simply spending quality time with her family. She has a warm heart, a congenial demeanor, and she is constantly smiling.

Anita Myers
Production Associate

Originally hailing from New Jersey, Anita has lived in the area for over 15 years, but she continues to bring new energy and positivity to Cornell & Diehl through her quirky sense of humor and upbeat personality. A true Pittsburgh Steelers fan, she loves football and regularly reminds us, especially on game nights, that she's got "steel in her blood." When Nita's not busy tinning tobacco and carefully packaging up orders, she enjoys binge watching horror movies (the gorier the better, she says), reupholstering furniture, and kicking back with her dog Emma and cat Tupac.

Kelley Rines
Production Associate

Though originally from New Hampshire, Kelley's lived in the area for about 22 years now and has really adapted to the laid-back, country atmosphere, affording her more room for her family (and family of animals) — she currently has eight cats, five dogs, four horses, twelve goats, a miniature donkey, and a miniature horse. She joined Laudisi as one of our Shipping Associates and now serves Cornell & Diehl as a Production Associate. Kelley is an integral part of our team; tinning, labeling, and readying your favorite blends.

David Berry
Production Associate

David, or Bubba as he's known to his family and friends, was born and raised right here in Myrtle Beach, making him a true Grand Strand local. As one of our talented Production Associates, Bubba assists in multiple areas of production here at C&D, from tinning to labeling and putting the finishing touches on all your favorite mixtures. When he's not helping our production process run as smoothly as possible, he enjoys rewatching cult classic films, singing, and disassembling remote controls and (almost) putting them back together.

Marijo Berry
Production Associate

Marijo is a Myrtle Beach native and our resident science buff, having attended Socastee High, as well as the Academy for Art, Science, and Technology where she specialized in environmental sciences. When she's not at work she's continuing her studies in pursuit of a degree in psychology at Coastal Carolina University. A lover of all things outdoorsy (she doesn't like to stay still), Marijo's active personality translates well as a Production Associate for Cornell & Diehl as she's constantly on the move ensuring that tobacco is tinned, labeled, and ready for your cellar.

Dennis Busick
Production Associate

As one of our talented Production Associates, Dennis lends a hand in readying tobacco so that it's perfect for cellaring or enjoying straight out of the tin, aiding the team tinning and labeling your favorite mixtures. When he's not hard at work, Dennis enjoys spending time on the golf course and listening to classic tunes from the '60s and '70s.

Jeffery Hodder
Production Associate

Jeff Hodder is a man of few words and a relaxed, easygoing disposition who enjoys country music and cheering for the Pittsburg Steelers. Having moved to Myrtle Beach from Pennsylvania in 2019, it’s no surprise he is an unrepentant waver of the Terrible Towel, but he is acclimating to his new environment well and recently admitted he also enjoys relaxing on the beach. He joined Cornell & Diehl as a Production Associate in 2021 and, when not busy keeping you supplied with your favorite blend, spends time with his dog and cat.

Richard Horger
Production Associate

Richard was born in Germany but spent most of his life living in Ohio and cheering for the Buckeyes before finding his way to Myrtle Beach. Describing himself as kind, hard-working, and adventurous, he brought his work ethic to Laudisi in early 2021, now working as a Production Associate for Cornell & Diehl. He enjoys doing home improvement projects, fishing, spending time with family, and hanging out with his Cattle Dog named Bolt. When he’s not busy at work tinning tobacco and readying your favorite C&D blends, Richard is always on the prowl for some good standup comedy.

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