Vintage Drucquer & Sons Catalog

If you're a pipe smoker, you probably have some appreciation for old stuff. I mean... we smoke pipes and age our tobacco for Pete's sake! We happened upon this old tobacconist catalog from the '70s a while back when we were working with Gregory Pease on restocking some of the old Drucquer & Sons blends and thought it was really interesting. We originally posted these scans on Facebook, but we thought we'd go ahead and upload them to the blog as well. So check it out, and try the blends if you haven't already. They're quite tasty (and no, we're not biased).

Every journey begins somewhere. For Greg "G.L." Pease it was the back room of Drucquer & Sons in Berkeley, CA, and now we're pleased to be producing the blends that started a career — reformulated by Greg for the modern pipe smoker.


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