Chris Tarler
Brand Manager

Chris has been employed by Cornell & Diehl for over seven years, with an additional three years of prior experience working side-by-side with his father and mentor, Craig Tarler. After thirty years in the restaurant industry, when Chris expressed an interest in joining C&D, his father’s immediate remark was “What the hell took you so long?” As C&D’s brand manager, when he’s not at shows or talking about the blends, his interests include golf, gardening and hanging out with his dog, a rescue named “Con” (short for “Con-Man”).

Jeremy Reeves
Head Blender

A pipe smoker for over a decade, Jeremy is as passionate about pipes, pipe tobacco, and blending tobacco as a man can be. His experience as a tobacco shop manager, as well as a wood-fire pizza chef, give him unique insight into running a boutique blending operation like Cornell & Diehl. When he isn't running the factory he enjoys the outdoors, particularly camping and hiking. He's an "adventurous eater," and has an expressed love for trying new things and attempting to recreate them in his kitchen at home, which is another reason he's such a great fit at C&D. Born in Portales, New Mexico, Jeremy is a bit of a rolling stone. He has called Chicago, Denver, Cleveland, and Portland home, before moving to South Carolina, where we hope he will stay.

Glen Reinard
Production Supervisor

A Northerner, Glen came to South Carolina from Niagara Falls, NY, bringing with him over five years working in the tobacco industry. As our Production Supervisor, Glen brings that expertise to pretty much every aspect of our production process. From raw processing, to blending, to tinning, he's happy to lend a hand wherever he's needed, and puts his keen organizational skills into action making sure the whole process runs smoothly (and safely) from start to finish. An old soul, Glen enjoys spending his free time sitting out on his porch, while he writes music or plays the guitar. Reading is another big hobby for Glen, especially on the subject of ancient cultures. He loves hanging out with his three-year-old German Shepherd named Ava.

Aaron Wilson
Blending Lead

A proud native of the bluegrass state, Aaron was thrilled to follow his hobby of pipe smoking down south to the legendary blending tables of Cornell & Diehl. Though all of our guys and gals are cross-trained to lend a hand wherever needed, Aaron is our Blending Lead. He's responsible for overseeing the meticulous process of taking our various kinds of processed tobacco and combining them in very specific ratios to ultimately transform them into your favorite boutique blends. When not looking excessively jolly in photos or leaning on Perique barrels, he takes pleasure in watching movies with his wife, Rachel, lifting heavy things, hiking up mountains, playing music, and, of course, oiling his beard. Aaron is currently finishing up a Bachelor of Arts in Bible, so the writings of C.S. Lewis and a leather-bound Greek New Testament sport the most worn covers on his bookshelf. While learning to like sunsets and long walks on the beach, he also enjoys chamber music and ten-pin bowling.

Ryan Pluta
Tinning Lead

Originally from New Jersey, Ryan moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when he was just ten years old. He has been in the area ever since, making him as close to local as you can get, and he thoroughly enjoys it. As our Tinning Lead, Ryan's responsible for making sure all of our various mixtures and flakes are packaged and tinned properly, while also lending a hand where needed processing raw tobacco leaf or helping Aaron in blending. Recently graduated from HCS Early College High School and HGTC, Ryan dedicates his newly found free time to reading; his favorites being Kafka's The Castle and A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. He also enjoys a large variety of music; his tastes range from Pink Floyd to The Offspring.

Robert Murphy
Raw Processing Lead

Another West Coast transplant, Robert Murphy was born and raised in Simi Valley, CA. Looking for a change, he moved across the country with his fiancee Tina to her hometown of Little River, South Carolina. He's the proud father and soon-to-be stepfather of four beautiful children and couldn't wait to be among his bearded brethren here at C&D, where we'll tell you, he's fit right in since day one.

He was the lead singer for three different heavy metal bands back in California and a martial artist in multiple styles for six years. When he's not handling, moving, stripping, cutting, or treating the whole-leaf and semi-thrashed tobacco we use to make your favorite blends as our Raw Processing Lead, you can find him lending a hand in other areas of production. As if he doesn't get his hands dirty enough at work, Robert enjoys riding four-wheelers through the swampy forest with his fiancee, or watching scary movies with his family.

Kaz Walters
Production Associate

Kaz is a Graduate Gemologist, and back home in Hattiesburg, MS, his previous job duties included grading diamonds, appraising jewelry for insurance, estate, or legal purposes, and identifying gemstones and any treatments they may have undergone. After moving down to Myrtle Beach with his wife, Mary, however, he's turned his attention to another precious jewel: tobacco. As our Production Associate, Kaz is involved in every step of our blending process, from sorting raw leaf to tinning up your favorite blends. His passion for pipes and tobacco, and of course his keen attention to detail, make him a natural fit for us here at Cornell & Diehl. In addition to blending tobacco, Kaz also enjoys cooking, reading, and engaging in (often quite heated) philosophical debates. He loves tea, his favorites being Assam and Lapsang Souchong, and his favorite characters in books, movies, or shows are always of the Machiavellian variety.


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