About Cornell & Diehl

Cornell & Diehl is one of the most heralded pipe tobacco manufacturers in the United States. Our blends are known and sought out all over the world, whether it be our own mixtures or those we manufacture for others, such as the well respected G.L. Pease line of pipe tobaccos. The success of Cornell & Diehl, Inc. can be attributed to our unflagging faith in the original principles we established over 120 years ago — producing the finest quality tobaccos was, is, and always will be our goal and guiding star.

Since its genesis, C&D has emphasized quality over convenience to create blends unlike any other tobacco on the market. In the early years, the company focused on English blends rather than the "over-the-counter" American Virginia and Burley-based tobaccos of the era.

Today, we here at Cornell & Diehl keep that same tradition alive. From classic blends to mixtures that employ innovative processes like our C&D red Virginia Cavendish, you won't have to search for long to find a handcrafted, lifetime favorite.

How do we do it? Well, we just try to do our jobs right, every day, every batch. And our job is composing and creating enjoyable blends — whether the pipe smoker at the other end favors a heavy English, a hearty American Burley, a crowd-pleasing Aromatic, or a straight Virginia. So that's what we make day in, day out, batch by batch, complex or simple, bulk or tinned: quality pipe tobaccos, done right.

Since our move to South Carolina, this job has only gotten easier. With over 7252 square feet, we now have the room to produce more of the blends you love and experiment with new future favorites. If you're ever in the area, stop by for a quick tour. We'd love to show you around and give you an insider's look at where the magic happens. Cornell & Diehl is now bigger than ever. And that's something we're quite proud of.